for a seamless user experience we are using the latest technologies based on Ethereum.

Our focus is to connect creators and make collaborative creations as easy as possible.


Publish your music in different categories and engage with your collectors.


We bring dancers content to another level and bring real value to it.


Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. We have the place.


Athletes have the opportunities to offer rare and exclusive collections.

We combine a social media network
with a digital marketplace

Make your NFT creation stand out

The APPICS Ag introduces a new way of combining social media and a digital assets marketplace, allowing anyone to share NFTs and grow their brand through an engaged community. Own and sell unique digital pieces, like music, goods, tickets and other various assets for ETH, USDT and APX.

A new way for creatives, artists and athletes to enter the NFT world in an easy, cost-efficient and seamless way.


Coinstudios Spirits

Cami Petyn

She is a singer-songwriter from the US who released her debut single "Static" in 2020.


Multi-talented man Ziya from Hamburg Germany has made platinum already with his amazing voice.

Dj Dice Brooklyn

Iconic person in the hip hop scene since 1990 and Tour-DJ of Redman with roots in New York Brooklyn.

Fred Kerley

Fred Kerley is an American track and field sprinter known primarily for competing in the 400 meters distance.


Award-winning open innovator that have created ideas, designs & artworks for global brands and organization.

George Boya

George Boya is a Greece-based, well known NFT artist and illustrator. He studied Interior Design, Art Conservation & Restoration.

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Platform Features

Price Oracle

It's always a big struggle for creators to define a reasonable price, to fix this we are about to integrate a price oracle.

Low minting fees

Everyone should be able to mint and buy a NFT on Coinstudios, for that we integrated Polygon for very low fees.

Collaborate on your NFT

Collaborate with others brings more value, we make it very easy and convenient to setup the smart contract.

Multimedia Support

Support of 3d assets and interactive creations are very essential for us to publish high value NFTs.

Social Media Integration

The Coinstudios marketplace will be connected to the APPICS App to share and engage on NFT creations.

Completely decentralized

Empowering the user is always our biggest goal, so we always looking to make the platform as decentralized as possible.


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Share your NFT inside the APPICS app

On the APX NFT marketplace, content creators can turn their art, music, dance moves and more into NFTs and display them directly in their profile inside the APPICS app. The APPICS App will soon be available in the App Store for IOS and Android.

Get feedback on your creations and engage with your collectors and friends.

APPICS AG introduces a new way of combining a social media and a digital marketplace